An important element of this project is the development of new methodologies to study beauty standards and the representation of beauty in different cultural contexts. In order to do this, we have developed two new research instruments specifically for this project. Links to these instruments can be found below.


1. Content analysis: The representation of beauty in fashion magazines.
We developed and tested a comprehensive codebook that can be used to code, in a standardized way, the characteristics of images in fashion magazines. The code book can be downloaded here: Content analysis code book


2. Methods explained:

  • Van der Laan & Kuipers (2016) How aesthetic logics shape a cultural field: Differentiation and consolidation in the transnational field of fashion images, 1982-2011.
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  • Kuipers (2015) Beauty and distinction? The evaluation of appearance and cultural capital in five European countries.
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3. Visual Q-sorts:
Female Bodies 01-06 Female Bodies 07-12 Female Bodies 13-18 Female Bodies 19-25
Male Bodies 01-06 Male Bodies 07-12 Male Bodies 13-18 Male Bodies 19-25

Female Faces 01-06 Female Faces 07-12 Female Faces 13-18 Female Faces 19-25
Male Faces 01-06 Male Faces 07-12 Male Faces 13-18 Male Faces 19-25


4. Interview guidelines
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