This is the website of “Towards a comparative sociology of beauty: The transnational modelling industry and the social shaping of beauty standards in six European countries”. This project investigates how beauty standards – perceptions of physical beauty in women and men – are socially shaped.


This research project was carried out at the University of Amsterdam from 2010 till 2015, and was funded with a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). Although the project has officially ended, our work is not done yet. Many publications are still forthcoming or in progress, and we still have many data to analyze, and many questions to answer.


This website gives information about  the project and the researchers, the publications and methods, and the spin-offs and media appearances. We also use this website as a project archive. It contains all the publications in the form allowed by journal publishers (often this means: word documents), as well as all research instruments and methodological guidelines and appendices.


Moreover, this page will present updates on new beauty-related activities of the research team, and spin-off projects such as the the collaboration with comic artists who are creating a webcomic about this project.


We still have many questions to answer, and lots of data (qualitative and quantitative) to analyze. If you are interested in a research internship, or in working with us, you are welcome to get in touch.